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Secure Shredding and Document Destruction Services

Datashred specializes in secure, cost effective and compliant on-site document shredding and data destruction. Outsourcing shredding and destruction to trusted experts like Datashred ensures

  • All confidential and sensitive information is destroyed properly and completely
  • The most cost-effective method of destruction
  • Business and organizations are compliant to privacy laws and regulations
  • Uses “pierce and tear” technology that results in a cross cut that is compliant up to Secret security clearance and endorsed by the RCMP


Confidential Document Destruction

Datashred offers a variety of services to meet clients’ needs from one time (purge) shredding to regularly scheduled destruction and security units (consoles) for secure storage until destruction.

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On-Site Shredding Service (Purge)
  • Our state of the art mobile shredding units are dispatched to complete shredding on site at the client’s location
  • CCTV cameras are installed to allow clients to view the destruction process and witness the shred.
  • Datashred can help with special projects by providing bags or bins for collection and staging of the material before destruction
  • Clients receive a certificate of destruction and compliancy as proof that all material has been destroyed
Scheduled Service
  • We provide clients with locked consoles throughout the workplace to securely hold discarded sensitive and confidential documentation
  • Multiple types of secure consoles are the most effective way to keep sensitive information secure until destroyed
  • Datashred offers flexible pick up schedules to match their clients’ need and frequency
  • Clients receive a certificate of destruction as proof that all material has been destroyed
Hard Drive and Media Destruction
  • Shredding is still the most secure way to destroy your backups
  • CDs, Tapes… all your media can be shredded
  • Uniforms and other special requests just let us know we have a solution for you

Datashred Process
An initial assessment is completed by one of our document destruction experts to determine the type and amount of security units (consoles) required & the frequency of service best suited to the clients’ needs.
Datashred’s bonded and security cleared document destruction experts will collect all material with a lockable wheeler tub or secure bag which is transported to a secure truck.
The document shredding is done immediately and CCTV cameras show the entire process ensuring every piece of paper or media is destroyed
Datashred Advantage
Datashred’s state of the art mobile shredding units have “pierce and tear” technology that result in a cross cut that is compliant up to Secret security clearance and endorsed by the RCMP.

green-leaf Environmentally Friendly

Datashred is sensitive to the preservation of our local environment. All shredding material is recycled in an environmentally friendly fashion, saving tens of thousands of trees and millions of gallons of fresh water every year.
Datashred guarantees 100% recycling of all paper materials as well as secure and eco-friendly disposal of media materials.