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Do you have an inventory?
An initial assessment will be administered by one of our document destruction experts to determine the type and amount of security units required, as well as our frequency in services. Knowing your needs will help us, help you.
What should you be shredding?
  • If you are shredding personal information, a general rule of thumb is to shred anything older than three years that have your identification information like your date of birth, social security number, address, license plate number etc. At this time it would also be wise to shred old pay-subs, banking information, and older tax information in order to minimize the chance of identity fraud. Other documents to consider purging are old credit card statements, bills and insurance policies. If these are older than three years and you have them filed digitally, it’s best to destroy your hard copies.
  • If you are shredding company documents, we recommend reviewing the privacy policies and data protection initiatives set in place by your corporation before getting started.
Should you have a "shredding party"?
If you are administering the on-site document destruction for your office, we encourage you to consider all possibilities. What type of documents are you disposing of? Can wandering eyes pose a threat and defeat the purpose of this purge? If you want information to remain as secure as possible, define a shredding area in the office for the purge date and create a schedule for individuals to process their document destruction one at a time.
What can be destroyed besides paper?
In addition to document shredding, we also destroy and disposes of many forms of media including hard drives, CDs, DVDs, VHS and cassette tapes, USB sticks, tablets and cell phones, etc. Simply include this as a requirement in your inventory and discuss this during your initial assessment to ensure we are prepared to meet all of your needs.
What happens once you take the documents?
Once your documents leave the building, we have it on lockdown. One of our document destruction experts will collect all materials with a lockable wheeler tub or secure bag which is transported directly to a secure truck. From there, rest assured, shredding is done immediately and monitored with CCTV cameras to ensure the entire destruction process is completed securely and efficiently.
How secure is the shredding process?
The Datashred shredding units have “pierce and tear” technology resulting in an efficient cross cut so compliant it is considered up to secret security clearance and endorsed by the RCMP! We don’t take any risks in document destruction.
Are you concerned for the Environment? We are eco-friendly!
Datashred disposes of all destroyed materials in a recyclable format. Gallons of fresh water and thousands of trees are spared as a result of this recycling process.
How will you know once the documents are destroyed?
Datashred issues a certificate report to clients indicating destruction and compliance has been preformed, and all materials have been destroyed, letting you sleep soundly at night.
How to secure documents between purges
A lockable console can be provided on-site for businesses to securely hold discarded sensitive or confidential information until the next visit; a great way to remain confident in knowing all information is secure after disposal and until it can be permanently destroyed.
Have an urgent or special request?
Remember, Datashred is a local leader in secure data shredding and we have flexible services that will offer you a custom solution to meet your needs, or help you out during urgent or specific circumstances.